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What are the applications of stainless steel coil?

Time:2018-04-02 10:27Author:jawaysteel
  1. the automotive industry

  Stainless steel coils not only have strong anti-corrosion ability, but also have relatively light weight. Therefore, they are widely used in the automotive industry. For example, the automotive shell requires a large number of stainless steel coils. According to statistics, a car needs about 10-30 kg stainless steel coils. Nowadays, some international brands of cars have begun to use stainless steel coils as structural materials for automobiles to greatly reduce the weight of the vehicles. In addition, the application of stainless steel coils in bus, high-speed rail, subway, etc. is also becoming more and more extensive.

What are the applications of stainless steel coil?

  2. Water storage and transportation industry

  Water is easily contaminated during storage and transportation. Therefore, which materials are used is critical for the storage and transport equipment . Stainless steel coils are recognized as the most hygienic, safest and most efficient water industry equipment. Storage and transportation equipment of traditional materials can no longer meet our needs. Therefore, stainless steel coils will become important raw materials for water storage and transportation equipment in the future.

  3. in the construction industry

  In fact, stainless steel coil was originally applied in the construction field. It is an important building material in the construction industry or a raw material for building construction materials. They are not only durable but also beautiful. More and more stainless steel coils are used as decorative materials in the home improvement industry. Various appearances of stainless steel coils can be used not only as building outsourcing, but also as various decorative sheets.

  In addition to being used in the above three major areas, stainless steel coils are also used in the home appliance manufacturing industry. As the home appliance industry continues to prosper, the potential for application of stainless steel coils in this area has much room for expansion.

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