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316l stainless steel coil stock and supplier

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   The grade of 316l stainless steel coil is 18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo. It is a low C series of 316 steel grades. Compared with 316 stainless steel belt, the appearance of gloss is better and more beautiful.

   It has excellent grain boundary corrosion resistance, excellent high temperature strength and excellent work hardening, but it is relatively expensive compared to 304 stainless steel coil.

316L stainless steel coil

   Because of the molybdenum content in the steel, the overall performance of the 316L stainless steel is better than 301 and 304 stainless steel. Under high temperature conditions, the 316L stainless steel coil also has good resistance to chloride attack when the sulfuric acid concentration is lower than 15% or higher than 85%, so it is often used in the marine environment.


  The price of 316l stainless steel coil is higher than 304 stainless steel coil. Of course, different specifications, different product forms, their price is not same.


  316l is the second most widely used stainless steel type after 304. It is mainly used for products that have special requirements on grain boundary corrosion, such as food industry, chemical industry, watch industry, pharmaceutical industry and surgical equipment. The molybdenum element gives it a special structure that resists corrosion. Because it has better resistance to chloride corrosion than 304, it is also called as "marine steel."

316L stainless steel coil


  316l stainless steel is a low carbon steel and its carbon content is about twice lower than 316 stainless steel,

  C ≤ 0.03, Si ≤ 1.00, Mn ≤ 2.00, P ≤ 0.045, S ≤ 0.030, Cr 16.0 to 18.0, Ni 12.0 to 15.0, Mo: 2 to 3.


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