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310S Stainless steel coil in stock with factory price

Time:2018-05-14 15:06Author:jawaysteel

  310S stainless steel coil (06Cr25Ni20) is austenitic chromium nickel stainless steel with good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, because a higher percentage of chromium and nickel are in 310S stainless steel coil, 310S stainless steel coil has a good high temperature resistance,which can continue working at high temperatures .

310S Stainless steel coil


  The 310S stainless steel coil belongs to the higher-end stainless steel grade. Its main resistance is high temperature corrosion. Compared with other 300 series stainless steel coils, the 310S stainless steel coil is generally more expensive, and there are fewer precision stainless steel coils resources on the market. 310S stainless steel coil is usually applied to higher-demand products, so product quality is critical.


  The chemical composition of 310S stainless steel coil is based on chromium and nickel. After the addition of molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum and titanium, the structure of the 310S stainless steel has a face-centered cubic structure, resulting in high strength and creep strength at high temperatures.

310S Stainless steel coil


  301 stainless steel belt is currently mainly used in stamping dies, fixtures, tools, gauges, paper cutters, auxiliary tools and other industries.


Jaway steel can provide products in a short time because we have a large number of 310s stainless steel coils in stock with factory price in China

All our stainless steel coil products undergo strict quality certification, and we are also able to customize coils according to the needs of requirements


  Jaway Steel is a modern manufacturer specializing in the production of 310S stainless steel coils. It mainly produces various types of 310S stainless steel coil. It can customize the width, physical properties and surface conditions of stainless steel coils according to customers' needs.

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