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301l stainless steel coil

Time:2018-05-15 13:24Author:jawaysteel

  301L stainless steel coil(standard grade 17Cr-7Ni-0.1N-low carbon) is based on 301 steel, reducing the C content and improving the corrosion resistance of the weld joint;

  By adding N element to compensate for the lack of strength caused by the reduction in the amount of C,which can  ensure the strength of the steel. After cold working deformation, high strength and hardness of 301L stainless steel coil are obtained. Compared with common steel grades, it has excellent high temperature strength, fatigue strength and corrosion resistance. It can be used in trams to achieve light weight and reduce costs.

301L stainless steel coil


  From the chemical composition point of view, 301L stainless steel contains 16% of chromium and 6% of nickel, and the raw material cost is low. However, there are not many steel producers and the material is rare. Usually, it is customized according to the need of custom, so the actual market price is often not low. Of course, the price is not only related to factors such as regions and specifications, but also has a lot to do with the manufacturer's brand. Generally speaking, prices are more expensive and their quality is more satisfactory.

301L stainless steel coil


  Mainly used in electronic product components, medical devices, springs, trams and vehicles exterior and interior structures. Also suitable for the production of various furnace components, exhaust pipes, heat treatment furnaces, heat exchangers and other occasions. This type of steel is applied to electric cars, making the tram lighter and reducing costs.


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