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301 stainless steel coil from china supplier

Time:2018-05-07 10:51Author:jawaysteel

  The grade of 301 stainless steel coil is 12Cr17Ni7,compared with 304 steel, whose content of Cr and Ni is less. The tensile strength and hardness of 01 stainless steel coil are increased during cold working. 301 stainless steel coil is non-magnetichen,when it is in magnetic state, but it is magnetic after cold working, and the magnetic properties increase with hardness.

  301 steel often produces hard stainless steel tape, such as 301 semi-hard stainless steel coil, full-hard stainless steel coil and super-hard stainless steel coil with good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties.

301 stainless steel coil

  Chemical composition

  C: ≤ 0.15, Si: ≤ 1.0, Mn: ≤ 2.0, Cr: 16.0 ~ 18.0, Ni: 6.0-8.0, S: ≤ 0.03, P: ≤ 0.045.


  Many people want to know the price of 301 stainless steel coil, but 300 series stainless steel coil is fluctuated greatly by raw materials and market trends, there may be significant price differences in the time of purchase. Because of the different freight rates in all regions, the price fluctuations and differences in various major stainless steel markets still exist.

301 stainless steel coil


  301 stainless steel coil is widely used in trains, aircrafts, conveyor belts, vehicles, bolts, nuts, springs, screens, cabinets, boilers, building materials, chemicals, bathtubs, agriculture, water heaters, auto parts, medical equipment, indoor pipelines, food industry, ships Parts and other industry sectors.


  Jaway Steel is a modern manufacturer specializing in the production of precision 301 stainless steel coil. The stainless steel coil can be customized according to the need of customer

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