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321 stainless steel coil with factory price

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  321 stainless steel coil is part of the austenitic family of stainless steel. 321 is basically a 304 grade containing a stabilizer of titanium. Type 321 is a good choice for applications where heat is an issue.

  321 can be used in applications up to 900 degrees Celsius where 304 is normally used up to 500 degrees Celsius. Grade 321 has excellent forming and welding characteristics. It does not polish well so would not be used for decorative applications.

321 stainless steel coil


  •   Aircraft exhaust manifolds
  •   Bellows
  •   Expansion joints
  •   Furnace parts
  •   Heating element tubing
  •   Heat exchangers?
  •   Woven or welded screens for high temperature mineral processing

  Chemical Composition

  •   Carbon Max:0.08
  •   Manganese Max:2
  •   Phosphorous Max:0.045
  •   Sulfur Max:0.03
  •   Silicon Max:0.75
  •   Chromium Range:17-19
  •   Nickel Range:9-12
  •   Nitrogen Max:0.1
  •   Titanium:0.70

321 stainless steel coil supplier

  Mechanical Properties

  •   Tensile Strength Min:75 KSI
  •   Yield Strength Min:30 KSI
  •   Elongation Min:40%
  •   Hardness Min:95 HRB


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