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410 stainless steel coil,supplier from china

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  410 stainless steel coil and sheet is part of the martensitic family of stainless steel. 410 stainless can be hardened by quench and temper heat treatment. Generally this material is supplied in the hardened but machinable state where moderate heat and corrosion resistance are required. 410 is the most widely used of the martensitic family and is comparable to 4130

410 stainless steel coil

     Details of 410 stainless steel coil

  Product:stainless steel coil

  Grade: 410



  Length:base on client's requestment

  Surface:BA, 2B, 2D, 6K, 8K, NO.1, NO.4, HL, Embossed

  Edge:Mill Edge,Slit Edge

 Chemical Composition of 410 stainless steel coil

Carbon Max .08-.015
Manganese Max 1
Phosphorous Max 0.04
Sulfur Max 0.03
Silicon Max 1.0
Chromium Range 11.5-13.5
Nickel Range .75
Iron Balance
410 stainless steel coil

 Mechanical Properties of 410 stainless steel coil

Tensile Strength Min 60-75 KSI
Yield Strength Min 32-42 KSI
Elongation Min 20-40%
Hardness Min 82 HRB

 Supplier of 410 stainless steel coil

  Jaway Steel is a modern manufacturer from china, specializing in the production of 410 stainless steel coil.Wecome new and existing cilents to establish further business relationship with us!

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